Inside the Horizon


The horizon is as far as I can see from where I stand, literally and metaphorically.

It marks the limit of my bubble in the world; what I can see in front of me, beside me and behind me.

It can be measured in distance, in time and in experiences. You’re most welcome to see the world from where I stand, inside the rim of my horizon.

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About me.

My label in the world is Mike Grundon. I’m interested in quality and integrity. Everything of importance to me hangs on those hooks.

I’m a traveller, a walker, a camper, a driver, a birdwatcher, a repairer of old things, a kayaker, a conversationalist, a reader, a writer, a seeker of solitude and an enjoyer of company.

Professionally, I’ve been a news journalist for 30 years. I have worked in newspapers and magazines and now I’m now a BBC radio and television broadcaster. I’ve also been a freelance motoring writer since the early 1990s.

These are all things that I do, but they are not necessarily things that I am.

At the moment I’m taking a career break to think about what is important, to think about what I’ll do with the remainder of my life. Amongst other things, in the past few months I’ve been hitchhiking in New Zealand, touring central Bulgaria, and travelling in an old military ambulance. I’m learning something new almost every day.

It’s a varied life just now.

Inside the Horizon will be a varied magazine of musings.


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